Deportation for Breaking Quarantine Rules in Bali

Deportation for Breaking Quarantine Rules in Bali

Foreign tourists will be supervised by officers during their five-day quarantine at hotels and can face deportation if the rules are violated.
Secretary of the Bali Province COVID-19 Task Force, I Made Rentin, said that while undergoing a five-day quarantine at a hotel after arriving in Bali, foreign tourists will be closely monitored 24 hours a day.

“That’s 24 hours of tightening supervision at quarantine hotels. There is a combined element, there is a health post by the Port Health Office including a health clinic provided by the hotel and joined by security officers from the army and police, as well as the COVID task force,” said Rentin.

In addition, quarantine hotels are also required to prepare a Local Task Force, which will be led by the head of hotel security to supervise foreign tourists.

“Each hotel has the obligation to create a local task force. The local task force commander is the chief of security at the hotel. Their job is technical coordination with elements of the army and police who will be stationed at the hotel carrying out 24-hour surveillance,” he said.


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  1. Benoît says:

    Who wants to travel 24 hours and be locked up in a golden prison for five days? Asia has many other attractive destinations. Sorry Gov. but you’ve got it all wrong on this one. See you on another island where one can spend ones time and money where one want, but certainly not in a golden cell. What a waste of time and money.

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