Development of Tourism Must Save Energy

Development of Tourism Must Save Energy


I Gede Ardika a tourism observer stated that tourism development is now supposed to be saving water and energy to achieve sustainable tourism.

“The development of tourism should be able to reduce the use of natural resources such as energy, as well as reducing waste and garbage,” said Ardika in his review of “green tourism” in Nusa Dua, Badung regency, Bali. He said that tourism development is one of the factors specified in the code of ethics of tourism globally. At the central government, there is a regulation, article No. 10 of 2009 regarding Tourism, Life in Balance and the Code of Tourism. The basis of Tourism and Balinese Culture is imbued with Hindu and Tri Hita Karana as its core.

Former Minister of Culture and Tourism has confirmed that attractions such as temples is one of the resources, why Bali has become a tourist destination in Indonesia.

Tourist destinations has to preserve cultural values which is imbued Hinduism, to promote economic growth, improve the welfare of the community, to preserve the natural environment and resources.

However, the Bali tourism policy should be directed by the island community itself.

“So far we have always identified the success of tourism, we now should be focused more on quality rather than quantity, “ said the Minister.”Bali is just enough to accommodate 4.5 million tourists but in 2010 there was already 7.5 million tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Due to limited water resources in Bali, the spaces are also limited.

Infinite growth itself also has implications for the phenomenon of global warming due to excessive use of natural resources. World Tourism Ethics Committee members stated that the direction of the development of tourism in Bali must also consider the carrying capacity of the island in terms of both physical and socio-cultural.

In addition to directing policy for the tourism community, Ardika also emphasized the challenges in the investment policy that has not been evenly distributed and are concentrated in certain regions.

“Often it is ignored, so this character will eventually lead to competition and the impact on the price structure can be damaged, because we declining the services quality,” said Ardika.

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