Don’t drink and drive, Badung Police says amid foreigner road deaths

Don’t drink and drive, Badung Police says amid foreigner road deaths

Photo: Polsek Mengwi / Facebook

Police said at least five foreign nationals have died in traffic accidents in Canggu, North Kuta, in the past six months, prompting attempts by the Badung Police to raise awareness about safe driving and stressing the importance of not consuming alcohol prior to hitting the road.

Badung Police Chief Leo Dedy Defretes said yesterday that general reckless driving was the main cause of traffic incidents in the area. While the specific nature of the incidents was not detailed, he said police have hoisted banners at five spots around Canggu, in both English and Indonesian, to warn people about the dangers of driving under the influence.

“We also already put up signs forbidding driving while under the influence of alcohol for foreigners. If [we] find violations, we will take firm and measured actions,” he said.

The signs in Canggu also include warnings for motorists to be mindful of their belongings while driving to avoid road muggings.

In Canggu, the Island of Gods’ current hotspot for influencers and digital nomads, motorists ignoring basic driving rules such as wearing helmets is a common sight. But while the Badung Police made specific mention of foreigner deaths on the road, it goes without saying that foreigners aren’t the only ones committing road violations (including DUIs), and that everyone must be careful when driving.

Recent deadly traffic incidents are indeed a cause for concern. Last weekend, an online motorbike taxi driver and his passenger, a foreigner, died in a crash in Tibubeneng near Canggu.


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