Don’t Force Development in Bali

Don’t Force Development in Bali


The Ministry of Environment Baltashar Kambuaya asked the government of Bali Province not to force any development in its region so that not spend the fresh water supplies in Bali.

“The rapid development in Bali is very impactful to the decrease of water debit so it must be solved immediately so that there is no clean water deficiency as what has happened in some regions in Sumatra,” he said after the Conference of International Ecosystem Service (ESP) in Tabanan.

The impact of rapid development and decline of water debit can’t be felt until now, but in the next 10-20 years it will influence the environment.

“This problem must be solved immediately so the environmental damage not getting worse,” he said.

According to him, the decline of water debit in Bali now is very significant due to the rampant development of hotels and residence.

He asked the local government to control the development so that it doesn’t destroy the environment in the future.

“If the region doesn’t have any city layout regulation, it should be designed and issued soon before the environment damage getting worse,’ he said.

According to Kambuaya, if the development in Bali doesn’t take into account from now on, it will destroy the environment and only inherits burden of environment damage to the next generation.

Therefore, the government and community have to take action in various ways to stop any development that could destroy the environment.

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