Drinking Session Ends with Fatal Beating

Drinking Session Ends with Fatal Beating


A Karangasem man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after he struck his friend over the head causing a fatal haemorrhage during a heavy drinking session last week.

Nyoman Manis, 28, of Nawa Kerti in Abang, Karangasem, was found dead with head injuries last Tuesday morning. He had been drinking the previous evening with a friend – who has not been named by police.

According to witnesses the pair started arguing, and the friend hit Manis over the head with a piece of wood. He collapsed immediately, and believing that he was only unconscious, the friend left Manis where he had fallen.  The body was discovered by locals the following morning.

The body was taken to Denpasar’s Sanglah Hospital for autopsy.

Head of forensics at Sanglah, Dr Dudut Rustyadi, said there was evidence of blunt force violence to Manis’ body, with bruises around his head and on his back. Rustyadi said that Manis had died due to a brain haemorrhage caused by the injuries.

“From the autopsy we also found bleeding inside the brain. This didn’t cause the victim to die instantly, but probably around 12 hours after the initial injury,” he said.

Manis’ drinking partner has been arrested and is being held at Karangasem Police headquarters.


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