Drop Your ‘World Class Service’ Boast, PLN Told

Drop Your ‘World Class Service’ Boast, PLN Told


The Bali chapter of the national consumer protection foundation has taken aim at state power utility PLN again, saying it should stop using its corporate motto promising world-class service until it actually does so.

Chairman Putu Armaya said that last year’s crippling series of rolling blackouts – which extended into January, when PLN could not complete repairs and maintenance to power plants even on its own extended schedule — and continued major power cuts — proved PLN’s actual performance did not meet this promise.

Armaya said that in October, November and December last year PLN imposed 250 hours of blackouts on Bali. PLN should compensate consumers for its failure to provide basic service by reducing bills by 10 percent for three months, he said.

He said PLN — which hiked electricity rates by 10 percent at the beginning of July — also failed to meet its own standards over power distribution because power lines and other infrastructure did not deliver continuous supply.

Further proof of PLN’s failure was the increasing number of customers waiting to be connected, which had now reached 54,000, and the 90 communities in Bali that had not yet been connected to the grid.

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