Drug Squad Police Told to Sharpen Up

Drug Squad Police Told to Sharpen Up


Bali’s new police chief, Hadiatmoko, has told drug squad police to closely monitor nightspots and other entertainment venues to stamp out the illegal drug trade — and to work together as a team rather than trying to act alone.

“Work must be done under a single command. Don’t try to work alone,” he told drug-squad officers at a meeting at police headquarters in Denpasar.

Hadiatmoko said teamwork was the key to success.

“Now there is no day without a tactic, not a week without a tactic, not a month without a strategy and not a year without a rescue of the nation,” he said at the meeting at police headquarters last Thursday.

“Don’t try to go against the flow. Let there be no falsehood among us. That is very dangerous.”

He said he expected the drug quad to show more commitment to the job and its members not to divulge any information to people not required to know about it.

Hadiatmoko also said drug-squad officers must be proficient in narcotics investigation methods and tactics and must understand the nature of narcotic and psychotropic substances and how they are handled by illegal suppliers.

Officers must always coordinate their operations with other agencies, such as the national police narcotics directorate, the provincial narcotics board and police at Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Hadiatmoko said it was crucial that nightclubs continue to be controlled because that was where a lot of illegal drugs were traded.

He also warned against immediately arresting a suspect if there was a chance that left alone he or she could lead police to other criminals.

Surveillance for one or two weeks could pay a big dividend through arrests of drug ring leaders rather than just couriers.

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