Dutch Weekenders Robbed in Violent Break-In

Dutch Weekenders Robbed in Violent Break-In


Karangasem Police have made sketches of the likenesses of two men who broke into a villa at Jasri, near Amlapura, and stole property from two Dutch consulate employees who were staying there.

Louise Renana, 40, and her male friend Luigi (Leo) Angelo, 44, were at the rented villa over the weekend when two armed men forced their way in. Angelo tried to fight them off at the door and again inside the house, but was badly bashed and cut and had to give up the battle.

Eventually, under threat, Renana and Angelo handed over personal property to the men who then left.

Personal property handed over to the robbers included a wallet with US$500 and €1,500 in cash (worth a total of Rp22 million), three mobile phones, an earring, a necklace and a camera.

The occupant of a neighbouring villa said he had heard the commotion but had not investigated because Renana and Angelo were noisy people and he had not given further thought to what he heard.

Tourist accommodation providers in the Jasri area say they have been concerned for some time that the area is not secure from thieves and housebreakers, largely because occupancy of villas is not documented.

But following last weekend’s robbery Karangasem authorities are now collecting data on villas and bookings. But the village office says it has no accurate data itself on the number of villas or likely occupancy.

Village secretary Nengah Sudarsa said on Tuesday existing data-collection programmes generally covered only permanent residents.

He said Karangasem Police should record the number of foreigners in the area and share that information with local tourism authorities, as was done successfully in the nearby Candi Dasa area.

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