Elephants Steal Limelight in Kuta Karnival

Elephants Steal Limelight in Kuta Karnival


Two elephants which were part of Bali Agung performance being the center of attention of hundreds of tourists who came to watch the parade of cultures in Kuta Karnival opening on Wednesday afternoon.

“Both animals are the two elephants who took part in Bali Agung show in Bali Safari and Marine Park (BSMP),” said the Marketing Communication of BSMP Dini Naomi in Kuta.

Two elephants named Pure and Angel deliberately took part in the opening parade of Kuta Karnival X.

They will represent Bali Agung show told the story of the King Jayapangus. The two female elephants that will be ridden by the king in the story.

“The two elephants are chosen so that they can interact with the visitors at the event even though the distance is very close,” he said.

Suwoko, the senior elephant trainer, said before the animals were brought to the event, they trained for 10 days in order to adapt to conditions of the crowd.

Evidently, according to him, through results of the training they remain calm when being close to humans.

The presence of two Sumatran elephants with their big body attract enough visitors of the annual event. Tourists and community take pictures of the mammal enthusiastically.

In the meantime I Made Rudika as Chairman of the Committee of Kuta Karnival X said, the elephant presence in the opening parade of festival aims to give a different nuance as well as to entertain the visitors in the area of Kuta Beach.


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