Even More Aussies Come Calling

Even More Aussies Come Calling


More Australians than ever are calling Bali their second home, going on the latest tourism figures — for January to July — just released by the Bali tourism office.

Its chief, Ida Bagus Subhiksu, said 50.8 percent more Australians visited in January-July this year than in the same period last year. In round numbers, 300,000 over 200,000.

Subhiksu said the increase was far higher than earlier predictions and was good news because the Australian government had recently issued a revised travel advisory citing the violent June taxi driver demonstrations in Denpasar and Kuta and the increased threat from rabies.

“It’s good that Australians continue to think of Bali as their second home despite these warnings,” he said.

The Australians are not alone in rekindling a love affair with Bali. More travellers from Taiwan, Britain, Singapore and the Netherlands also visited in the January-July period. Singapore visitors showed a 56-percent rise.

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  1. Pete Machin says:

    Well I certainly hope the customs and immigration people have improved what can only be described as the most arrogant and understaffed service of any airport I had the misfortune to be processed through. Once more I’ve never read of a worse service anywhere in the world.

    My wife and I will never return to Bali while there is the slightest chance that we’ll be treated the way we were. Two and a half hours to be processed has left the wrong impression about Bali.