Faulty Gas Blows up New Villa

Faulty Gas Blows up New Villa


A huge blast that all but demolished a new villa in Cemagi, North Kuta, early had residents convinced a meteorite had hit and police, led by Bali Police chief Hadiatmoko, at first feared a bomb had exploded.

But checks of the wreckage showed a 12kg gas cylinder had exploded. Police said faulty connections were to blame.

Ten people were at Villa Pesisi Alam at the time, on October 4, including five guests, but no one was hurt. The villa was completed two months ago.

The explosion, at 5am, also badly damaged a villa next door.

Debris, including glass and documents, were strewn in a radius of up to 20 metres from the villa in the past. Local woman Ni Ketut Martini said: “There was big noise like a thunderclap and a big explosion.”

Villa owner Wayan Sukayasa said the five guests staying at the villa were domestic visitors.

Bali Police chief Hadiatmoko went to the scene as soon as he was alerted to the blast. A police bomb disposal team, forensic investigators and a detachment from the Bali-based Densus 88 anti-terrorism squad were also sent there.

But investigations showed the blast was caused by a leaking gas cylinder in the kitchen, which was unventilated. A build-up of gas then ignited, probably from sparks from kitchen equipment or power points.

“It is not true that it was caused by a celestial body or a bomb,” Hadiatmoko said. “We did not find a blast crater.”

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