Fire Hits 15 Hectares of Slopes of Mount Agung

Fire Hits 15 Hectares of Slopes of Mount Agung


About 15 hectares of forest on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali’s highest mountain which is located around forest area of Abang Mountain, Karangasem regency was on fire.

“The fire happened since Saturday (1/11) has not yet been successfully solved due to its location which is in the top of the mountain,” said Police Officer of Abang forest I Nyoman Dadi in Amlapura, on Monday.

Based on the information collected, the fire smoke was seen since Saturday (1/11) at 09:00 am. There were only two hotspots at that time, but because of the wind, the fire quickly spread burning bushes and trees.

I Nyoman Dadi said that winds together with stinging heat made fire could not be controlled.

Even the officers and villagers were confused because the fire quickly devouring trees.

“Officers and residents are trying to extinguish the fire, due to strong winds the fire could not be extinguished,” he said.

He said that since early morning, officials of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Karangasem, forest police officers, and villagers just do monitoring from the down side.

The fire at Mount Agung that located near Pasar Agung Temple was able to be distinguished. According to Chief of BPBD of Bali Dewa Indra, the team could only reach and distinguish the fire on the height of 2.400 meter above the sea level.

The fire is worried can spread to wider area of the mountain. Some hotspots even have been found spread to four sub district in the surround area and nearing residential area. Sub districts that threatened by the fire are Kubu, Abang, Selat and Bebandem.

There are around 20 hotspots that found in the slope of Mount Agung. Officers and local people cannot do much since the area is very hard to reach and could only distinguish the fire manually, and they also installing barrier so the fire will not reach temple or residential area.

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