Fireworks Allowed on Kuta Beach

Fireworks Allowed on Kuta Beach


The management of Kuta beach has stated that visitors will be allowed to celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks and firecrackers. Several regions and customary villages in Bali had prohibited firecrackers following a series of accidents last year.

“We have coordinated with the police [on the policy], visitors and tourists will be allowed to set off firecrackers and fireworks on the beach during the end-of-year celebrations,” Kuta beach task force’s chief I Gusti Ngurah Tresna said.

However, Tresna warned that lighting fireworks and firecrackers in hotel premises or residential areas was still prohibited due to the fire hazard. He pointed out that during last year’s celebration, the roof of one hotel was set ablaze by fireworks.

“We realize that it is impossible to prevent visitors and tourists from celebrating the joyful occasion by lighting fireworks and firecrackers,” Tresna stressed, adding that the beach would provide them with a safer setting to do so.

Legian beach management has announced a similar policy.

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