Flood-Ravaged Australia Thanks Indonesia for Aid

Flood-Ravaged Australia Thanks Indonesia for Aid


The Australian government thanked Indonesia on Friday for giving financial assistance to help it with deadly flooding in Queensland.

“The Australian government welcomes Indonesia’s contribution of US$1 million towards the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal during this very difficult time,” Australian Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty said in a statement received by The Bali Times.

On Wednesday Foreign Ministry spokesman Michael Tene said the donation was being made because “we sympathise with their situation.

“The Australian government and people have helped us when we faced disasters and we too have helped them before. This is an example of good relationships and solidarity between us.”

The ambassador echoed that sentiment.

“Indonesia’s contribution to the appeal and offers of assistance are a reflection of the close support we provide for each other as friends and neighbours during times of natural disaster. Australia values and appreciates that relationship,” he said.

As the waters receded on Friday, residents of Ipswich and Brisbane — Australia’s third largest city — shovelled mud from homes, footpaths and roads as their communities struggled to come back to life.

Defence and emergency personnel combed small settlements west of Brisbane worst hit by the flash floods for more bodies, and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the capital was slowing reviving.

“The (Brisbane) CBD (central business district) is largely operational but there are still 10 buildings without power and they will be one of the priorities today,” she told reporters.

The flash floods swept more than a dozen people to their deaths.


  1. dave says:

    The government of Indonesia gave 1 million?
    good on them, and many thanks.
    Shame the head of the biggest corporation in the world(the Catholic Church), only managed $50,000….

  2. Mark Ulyseas says:

    This is great news. Indonesia and in particular Bali has such a close relationship with Australia and this is because of the friendship between Govenor Made Mangku Pastika and the former ambassador Bill Farmer. I am sure many expats in Bali have pitched to help those less fortunate in Queensland.

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