Foreign Investor strikes at corrupt Judicial system exposing Money trail of Bali Land Mafia

Foreign Investor strikes at corrupt Judicial system exposing Money trail of Bali Land Mafia

Arthur Wells
Aug 20 · 3 min read

Bali real estate developer has taken on the corruption and judicial system of Indonesia exposing the money trail of the land mafia led by former Vice Governor I Ketut Sudikerta.

Indonesia for decades has be listed as one of the most beautiful places in the world, but also one of the corrupt.

Hanno Soth a German / Canadian real estate developer and investor arrived in Bali in the mid 1990’s setup various companies, purchased prime real estate and developed numerous commercial projects including 2 resorts.

Hanno Soth Real Estate Investor Developer of C151 Resorts

Hanno Soth Real Estate Investor Developer of C151 Resorts

But Soth made a critical mistake that would leave him to spend a decade fighting fighting for his assets. Hanno Soth hired the brother in law of I Ketut Sudikerta and appointed I Wayan Tana as a director of his numerous companies including Pt Dreamland Bali. Since that time despite modest salary Wayan Tana was able to develop his own villa hotel and oceanfront Malini Agro park in Uluwatu. Recently I Wayan Tana made the news as police confiscated IDR 1 Billion linked to his brother in law’s land syndicate.

Today I Ketut Sudikerata sits in jail on charges of fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. There is clear evidence that I Wayan Tana has used his position with Hanno’s Group of companies as the “inside man” for the land syndicate in an effort to defraud the company of various assets.

Unfortunately for most victims of crimes in Indonesia it is a long way to justice especially when there is power and money involved. Criminal defamation laws have kept victims either silent or lead to their prosecution to keep them quite. And Police often times owe their loyalty not to the

This makes it difficult for any investor, especially foreign investors to find justice. But even some of Indonesia’s biggest Investors have difficulty to find justice when fighting the Vice Governor of Bali’s land syndicate.

Take the the example of Maspion Group boss Alim Markus a powerful businessman who for nearly 5 years has chased I Ketut Sudikerta and his land syndicate for reportedly embezzling IDR 150 Billion (USD 10.5 Million).

Eventually Markus managed to have Sudikerta arrested on embezzlement, money laundering and fraud charges. But Sudikerta despite the ongoing legal investigations has managed engage in other corrupt acts and secretly sell the one of Soth’s Luxury hotels. Sudikerta’s syndicate managed to secure the land certificate and sell Pt Dreamland Bali to chinese investors of PT. Manor Tirta Puncak (GE QI, Gong Wei, Wuin Feng Pei, Yi Zhi,) for IDR 80 Billion (USD 5.6 Million).

The land mafia conspirators believed that before Pt Dreamland Bali would find out their assets were sold, the syndicate could use the IDR 80 Billion further to infiltrate the justice system and secure the assets of Pt Dreamland Bali using a fraudulent legal case orchestrated by syndicate member I Wayan Tana who has been paid from the Pt. Dreamland case he was representing the company against.

According to Pt Dreamland Bali lawyers there are rumours that this syndicate has payoff the highest levels of the Indonesian justice system inorder to secure Pt. Dreamland’s assets. Fortunately Pt Dreamland Bali learned of the sale and exact amounts of monies paid to the land syndicate and others and has reported this case directly to Police headquarters in Jakarta Bareskrim as well as Police Internal Affair due to irregularities with Bali Police in Bali.

According to Pt Dreamland Bali lawyers Jansen Purba, all the police, tax department, money laundering agency and anti corruption commission need to do now is follow the money. This situation is unique says Mun Arief lawyer for Hanno Soth as our client knows the details of the IDR 80 Billion transaction and who was paid when which is a clear crime selling someone else’s assets. As the authorities follow the money trail it will expose each and every member of this syndicate. We will not stop until this fraudulent case is reversed by the courts, the corruptors exposed and this land syndicate is punished.

The best disinfectant for corruption is shinning light on it says Mun Arief. We the citizens of Indonesia are sick of this corruption that has infected our judicial process by those who have power and money.

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