Foreign Nationals Detained for Disrupting Nyepi Silence in Bali

Foreign Nationals Detained for Disrupting Nyepi Silence in Bali

Badung – Bali, local security officers known as pecalang detained several foreign nationals in Jimbaran after they were found wandering during the sacred silence of Nyepi on Monday, March 11, 2024. The individuals, referred to locally as ‘bule,’ initially resisted arrest.

I Made Dharmayasa, the head of the Community Empowerment Institution in Jimbaran, reported that the pecalang caught two French men, identified only by their initials J.C. and T.A., both aged 22, roaming and singing during the Nyepi evening. The pecalang approached them around 8:00 PM local time, finding them intoxicated and unaware of the Nyepi regulations.

The two French nationals were staying in a villa approximately 50 meters from where they were apprehended. Community reports indicated that they had been walking and singing during the Nyepi night, actions that risked disturbing the solemnity of the occasion. Consequently, the pecalang intervened and asked them to return to their accommodation. However, the two men rebelled and verbally confronted the pecalang.

To prevent further disturbance, the pecalang were forced to restrain the men’s hands and escort them back to their villa. Upon verifying their identities, it was confirmed that J.C. and T.A. were indeed staying at the mentioned villa.

Another incident involved a long-haired foreign national who was also secured by the pecalang in the Traditional Village of Jimbaran for roaming during Nyepi. He was spotted by the pecalang patrolling around noon and was taken to the Prof. Ngoerah General Hospital in Denpasar due to his resistance during the apprehension.

Dharmayasa stated that the identity of this individual was unknown as he was uncooperative in communication. He was found approximately 100 meters from the Nakula Sadewa intersection. The man, who was only wearing a traditional black and white checkered cloth and was shirtless at the time of his detention, had reportedly been riding a motorcycle and shouting before being found on foot near the intersection.

The immigration authorities were requested to transfer the long-haired foreign national to the Denpasar Immigration Detention House in Jimbaran. However, he continued to shout, causing disturbance to the other residents.

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