Foreigner Turned Local: Viral Tour Guide in Bali Explained by Immigration

Foreigner Turned Local: Viral Tour Guide in Bali Explained by Immigration

Tabanan, Bali – A viral video depicting a foreigner serving as a tour guide in the iconic Tanah Lot area of Tabanan, Bali has caught the attention of netizens. Shedding light on this intriguing situation, Tedy Riyandi, the Head of the Denpasar Class I Immigration Office (TPI), has stepped forward to provide an explanation regarding the widely circulated video.

According to a report by detikBali, Tedy unequivocally confirmed that the individual referred to as a foreign national in the viral video is, in fact, an Indonesian citizen named Alessandro Tanganelli. Tedy expressed that his office conducted a thorough investigation into the matter of the alleged foreign tour guide. The Immigration Office also collaborated closely with the Bali Tourist Guides Association (HPI) concerning Alessandro’s membership status.

“The tour guide who was initially assumed to be a foreign national is identified as Alessandro Tanganelli. He is an Indonesian citizen and possesses a valid tourism guide license issued by HPI,” stated Tedy in an official written statement received by detikBali on Saturday, August 26, 2023.

Tedy elaborated that Alessandro was formerly an Italian citizen. According to Indah Yuli Puspitasari, Alessandro’s wife, her husband underwent the process of acquiring Indonesian citizenship and became a full-fledged Indonesian national since 2021.

Following his attainment of Indonesian citizenship, Alessandro pursued a career as a tour guide and successfully secured a legitimate license from HPI. Furthermore, alongside his wife Indah, Alessandro is also involved in a travel agency business, which is claimed to have obtained official permission from the Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA).

Expressing his regret, Tedy addressed the netizens who may have prematurely criticized the Immigration Office due to the viral video depicting Alessandro in his tour guide role. Tedy, however, extended his gratitude to the community for actively participating in monitoring the presence of foreigners in Bali.

The viral video that initially sparked discussions has now been addressed by official statements, putting to rest any concerns regarding the legality and legitimacy of Alessandro Tanganelli’s activities as a tour guide in the picturesque region of Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali.

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