Foreigner’s Video Labelling Bali the ‘Worst Place in the World’ Sparks Netizens Outrage

Foreigner’s Video Labelling Bali the ‘Worst Place in the World’ Sparks Netizens Outrage

The Balinese people were angered by the circulation of a video of a foreigner calling Bali the “worst place in the world”.

According to him, Bali is a bad place because it is too crowded and ensued of traffic jams.

In the video, the foreigner expressed his frustration while in Bali, complaining about the traffic jams during his visit. Then, he revealed his personal opinion that Bali is a bad place: “I’m not gonna lie because I have to be honest, I think Bali is fuc**** poo.”

His agenda was to leave Bali after visiting Ubud. At this point in his travels, he had no bad experiences.

He headed to Gili Trawangan, which he reckoned was a pretty decent place, although it was expensive. It was only until he arrived at Kuta that he felt aggravated.

While talking, the foreigner showed the traffic jam in Kuta that appeared to be swarmed with vehicles. He personally dislikes traffic jams, however, he tried to find the positive side of Bali, he said in his video.

He continued to compare it with his experience in Thailand which was also a destination that annoyed him.

This video has gone viral and caught the attention of furious netizens expressing their opinions in the comments section.


I’m really struggling to find the positive side to Bali. I’ve been to 2 destinations and it is pure carnage. There is traffic everywhere. None of the temples open its run down I don’t understand how this place called the most spiritual place in the world because traffic stresses everyone out, and I think I’m gonna have to leave #bali #traffic #travel #fyp

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