Four Held in Blue Eyes Disco Strip-Room Raid

Four Held in Blue Eyes Disco Strip-Room Raid


A karaoke room manager and three strippers are in police custody after a raid on the Blue Eyes disco at the Harrad Hotel in Sanur found three women performing naked dances for high-paying clients in a private room at the venue.

A fifth person, a man who also worked as a general manager of the café and entertainment at Blue Eyes, was arrested but then released when he was able to satisfy police that he nothing to do with the illegal extra entertainment on offer.

South Denpasar Police chief Leo Martin Pasaribu said undercover officers had staked out the venue acting on a tip-off from local residents who had lodged complaints about activities at Blue Eyes. They alerted a waiting raiding party once the dancers were naked.

The women were well into their dance routine when the raiding party burst into the karaoke room, one of a number at the venue.
Pasaribu said there had been many complaints about illegal activity at Blue Eyes, including allegations that prostitution was organised from there, and police had been watching the place for a lengthy period, waiting for an opportunity catch the perpetrators red-handed.

“The information we received was that strippers had been employed there all the time,” he said. “But we could only prove it through long-term surveillance.”

Pasaribu said police were still processing the four people arrested and were looking for the person who supplied the women for the strip-dancing show.

“They came from outside the venue,” he said. “They are not employees of Blue Eyes.”

Pasaribu said the man arrested in the raid was the Blue Eyes night entertainment manager who provided the room and allowed them to strip naked for customers willing to pay a high charge to watch their performance.


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