Free Beer Bonus in Yet Another Truck Mishap

Free Beer Bonus in Yet Another Truck Mishap


An overloaded beer truck on a hotel resupply run to Sumbawa overturned on the Sanur-Kusamba bypass at Mantra Tojan in Klungkung, destroying most of the Rp80 million (US$9,000) worth of cargo — except for some bottles which survived to be drunk by passing motorcyclists and motorists who stopped to help clear up the mess.

The spectacular smash, at 10.30pm last Monday, was the second recent accident involving an overloaded truck on that section of the highway, where there is a steep incline. The beer truck rolled to the right but the driver, Nyoman Yudana Tronton, 49, escaped injury by leaping from it before it overturned.

Crates and broken bottles littered the highway. The truck was finally removed on Tuesday.

A local resident said another overloaded truck had been involved in a single-vehicle accident nearby recently.

“This is not the first incident. Previously, a yellow truck also rolled here. The cause was the same: the truck was overloaded and the road is bad.”

The businesswoman who was sending the beer to Sumbawa, Ni Wayan Suasti, told police the consignment was worth Rp80 million.

It was the second truck accident in days on the Sanur-Kusamba highway. Last Friday a truck carrying sand from the river quarry there plunged five metres into a ravine on the west bank of the Tukad Unda at Sengguan. The driver, Jhony Firdaus Andika, 34, of Banyuwangi, East Java, escaped serious injury by leaping from the truck before it went over the edge.

The section of highway where the accident occurred is notorious for vehicle upsets, mostly involving overloaded and speeding trucks.

Police said the driver appeared to have forgotten to steer round a bend in the road.

On October 13 a runaway truck carrying a heavy load of quarried limestone killed six people and demolished nine shops on Jl Raya Uluwatu near GWK at Bukit Jimbaran.

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  1. Gary says:

    My God, … How hard is it to deliver a load of goods on a truck? Okay, so the road is bad…I bet 100 bucks the driver has no licence and was in a frantic rush for some silly reason or, most likely, he was sending a text message and/or was high on drugs or a sleep-deprived zombie. Tourists take note: Stay off the roads as much as possible.

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