Garuda Plane almost Lands on Perth Construction Crew

Garuda Plane almost Lands on Perth Construction Crew

SEMINYAK/PERTH ~ A Garuda Indonesia plane with some 100 people on board almost landed on part of a runway under repair in the Australian city of Perth on May 9, despite pilots being told by air traffic controllers to abort the landing, Australian air authorities and media said this week.

A construction crew was working on scheduled runway repairs as the Boeing 737, which originated in Bali, made its final approach, but aborted the landing after seeing vehicles in its path, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said.

“… during short final, the crew of the Boeing 737-800 queried the presence of vehicles on the runway and commenced a missed approach after receiving the information from ATC (Air Traffic Controller).

“During the second approach, the aircraft appeared to aim short and was instructed to go around but the aircraft levelled and landed past the displaced threshold,” it said in a preliminary report, referring to the under-repair section of the runway.

Australian media reports said the jet came around for a second approach at the runway, but despite being instructed to land further down the runway, it landed just after the construction site, narrowly missing workers.

The airport’s management said they had informed all airlines about the construction work. No one was injured in the incident and the Transport Safety Bureau said an investigation was underway.

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