Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and other K-pop Idols Detained in Bali for Allegedly Filming Without Permits

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and other K-pop Idols Detained in Bali for Allegedly Filming Without Permits

The cast and crew of an upcoming South Korean reality TV show, Pick Me Trip in Bali, are currently stuck in Bali, Indonesia, after local authorities discovered the production team had been filming without official permits, South Korean news outlet SPOTV reported.

The cast and crew, which includes Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Apink’s Bomi, Secret Number’s Dita, and former I.O.I member Im Nayoung, arrived in Bali on Apr 21 and were scheduled to leave on Apr 25.

However, their departure from the Indonesian island was blocked by authorities, who alleged that the group did not have proper permission to film.

The cast and crew, amounting to around 30 people, allegedly had their passports confiscated. They are currently staying in a hotel while investigations take place. According to SPOTV, the earliest they could return to South Korea would be next week.

The English-language K-pop website Koreaboo reported that an unidentified source who worked on the show told SPOTV that the detention may be due to the cast and crew not obtaining the proper visas.

Citing another unidentified representative, SPOTV reported that the cast and crew were unsure about the exact reasons for their detention, and said it is “frustrating that the production team is not sharing details about the situation”.

Another unidentified official said that the “situation is embarrassing” and that they are all “working to return to Korea quickly”.

Due to this, cast members who had pre-arranged schedules in South Korea are scrambling to make last-minute adjustments to their plans.

Following the news of the situation in Bali, KBS Joy, the television channel expected to air the reality show, released a statement to South Korean media outlet Xportnews, although it did not comment on the investigation.

The statement, which was translated into English by Koreaboo, said: “We have confirmed the contents related to the programme but as for officially being broadcast, that is still under consideration. It is not confirmed.

“We have no connection with the production company that was filming in Bali.”


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