Government of Badung Regency to Arrange Taman Ayun

Government of Badung Regency to Arrange Taman Ayun


Badung regency government will arrange Taman Ayun, Mengwi, which has been designated as a world cultural heritage, with fund up to Rp 8.4 billion.

Badung Regent Anak Agung Gede Agung met with sellers around the shrine area as well as the attraction related to the plan of relocating the sellers so that the physical arrangement can be done.

He said that during the process of arranging the area of Taman Ayun, souvenir sellers are temporarily moved to the South of recent merchant locations.

“We reiterate that there is no eviction merchant, just move to a place that is more feasible for merchants,” said Regent Gde Agung.

He had a dialogue with the sellers as well as followed “mendem dasar” ceremony as a sign of the start of arrangement of Taman Ayun area.

Regent Gde Agung added that stalls for the sellers will be shifted slightly to the South of the existing stalls, which is on the land owned by government of Badung regency.

The stalls will be built in the form of los, its location is also not low so it will be easier for drivers, tour guides and tourists to shop.

“The budget prepared specifically for the stalls’ development and construction of road toward the stall reaches Rp 2 billion,” he said.

Taman Ayun arrangement aims to make the holy area as one of the world’s cultural heritage to stay clean, beautiful, safe and not “leteh” (dirty) both sekala and niskala.

Besides, it is also expected that landslide disaster won’t happen again, as what happened last year that claimed the life of a victim.

“This is a program of Badung Regency government and Puri Mengwi, so that Taman Ayun temple area becomes clean, safe and comfortable,” he said.

In addition to moving the 19 sellers who are still active today, a gate (bun kori) is also built in the West, precisely in “catus pata” Mengwi and in the Eastern of Gulingan village.

Besides, a temple gate is also built on the way to Taman Sari Temple and at Banjar Pande. Taman Ayun area arrangement planned to be completed by the end of 2013.

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