Governor Determines Requirements to Investors of Benoa Bay

Governor Determines Requirements to Investors of Benoa Bay


Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika determines several requirements that must be fulfilled by investors before making reclamation on Benoa Bay, Badung Regency.

“I explain now, don’t let there is impression that I’m dumb,” he said in Denpasar.

According to him, the requirements that must be fulfilled by investors have been put in the obligation stated in the license of management that he had issued.

“The requirements are, firstly not violating rules and regulations, secondly not destroy environment, and third not destroy Balinese people in terns of tradition, religion and culture,” he said after leading the coordination meeting on establishing new airport in the North Bali.

The next requirement, he added, investors must help improving local people wealth by opening employment opportunity, increasing their income and developing Bali in the international world.

The former of Bali Police Chief emphasized that he doesn’t want to destroy Bali at all. “Who want to destroy Bali? For what? I love Bali the most. You could compare the love percentage with other people,” he said.

Therefore, he reminded Balinese people must take the chance so we could compete with people from other region.

“Imagine how many people that will have job if the land being promoted,” he said.

Pastika expected that people not to be a priori, moreover there is concern that Bali will be drowned. “How come? It actually maintains Bali so it’s not drowning. Just imagine if the leg of Bali Island hit by tsunami, certainly it will be over. In addition, there is abrasion. If we make buffer there, it will be helpful,” he said.

He took example of establishing the road over the water (JDP) connecting Benoa-Ngurah Rai Airport-Nusa Dua that firstly being protested by several parties.

“The experience when establishing JDP, without knowing anything people just protested it. If we follow their desire until now the road won’t be finished. As soon as it’s done, crowd of people come to walk around on the road proudly. Therefore, don’t judge everything at first place, please wait and see,” said Pastika.

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