Governor Regulation on Balinese will be Issued

Governor Regulation on Balinese will be Issued


Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika will issue the governor regulation to support Balinese inclusion in the curriculum.

“I will compile the governor regulation (pergub) to support Balinese inclusion in the curriculum starting from primary school to senior high school,” he said after attending the session of Bali Parliament.

He said that the request from Balinese teachers through members of parliament also became the foundation to issue the regulation immediately.

“Soon, the Governor regulation will be done. To compile the regulation, I don’t need much time. It’s different with making regional regulation that have to involve all sides in its compilation process,” he said.

He said that the Ministry of Education and Culture should listen to suggestions from regions to compile a new curriculum, one of them is from Bali.

“Local language (Balinese) is one of culture support that must be preserved by the nations generation. Balinese is the mother tongue used daily by the local people,” he said.

According to MangkuPastika, Balinese must include in the curriculum in preserving inherited culture of Indonesia. If not include in a subject, sooner or later it will be extinct.

“I support the culture preservation. Moreover, in Bali as a tourist destination, many tourists also want to know its local language,” he said.

Mangku Pastika, furthermore, said that Balinese preservation is not only through lesson at school, but Balinese and Hindu teachers are also prepared for people in each customary village.

“We also will prepare teachers for Balinese and Hindu in each customary village, so that the culture is preserved,” said Mangku Pastika.


  1. Jami says:

    It is very important to keep the Balinese culture and customs included in the teachings of school children. Not only, should it be taught in school but also by the family as the children are being brought up. When I travel, cultural tourism has a large impact on my visits any where I decide to travel. I find the Balinese language and culture truly impressive and wish that life in the United States was very much the same. Keep the traditions going it is very important to the “Balinese!” It would be a pity if it went extinct.

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