Govt May Send Troops to Iraq

Govt May Send Troops to Iraq

JAKARTA ~ The government is willing to send troops to serve under the UN flag in Iraq if the international community agrees to such a deployment, Defense Minister Yuwono Sudarsono said.

Sudarsono said that sending troops was part of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s proposed solution to the conflict in Iraq, which he had conveyed to visiting US President George W. Bush on Monday.

Yudhoyono’ plan included involvement of other parties and the deployment of security forces in parallel with the disengagement of the US military forces.

“If this mechanism of international presence is agreed by all sides, maybe we can provide (soldiers),” Sudarsono said on Wednesday.

He added that nothing was yet fixed, saying that “it would have to wait until a diplomatic agreement is reached first,” between all those involved.

Only then “will we come in; we are ready,” he said.

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