Govt to Halve Civil Servants

Govt to Halve Civil Servants

JAKARTA ~ The central government is planning to gradually streamline its bureaucracy, reducing the number of civil servants to half of about four million currently working by 2014, a minister said.

“The streamlining will be conducted naturally, through retirement, and no longer holding national recruitment tests starting 2007,” Minister for the Empowerment of the State Apparatus Taufik Effendi said on Tuesday.

Civil servants are currently recruited through a national examination process and then distributed to the different state institutions.

Effendi was quoted as saying during a seminar here that streamlining would start in 2007 and more selective recruitment would be conducted by individual institutions.

“Nowadays, about 65 percent of civil servants are administrative workers, and in the future there will be more need for experts in technical fields such as nurses and teachers,” he said.

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