Green Bali: Zoning Adjustment ‘a Must for Development’

Green Bali: Zoning Adjustment ‘a Must for Development’

The Bali Times

GIANYAR’S regent plans to meet Governor I Made Mangku Pastika to seek key changes to the beach “green line” along the Sanur-Kusamba bypass and sort out the conflicting problems of development needs and Bali’s beach protection legislation.

Tjok Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati said the provincial rules were detrimental to tourism development in the south of Gianyar, where the prime beachfront is a favoured development area.

He said that specific areas should be protected, for example within a two-kilometre radius of Pura Masceti and Pura Air Jeruk, but that banning further beachfront development along the regency’s entire coastline would mean forgoing valuable development of coastal tourism and the growing surfing sector.

“We still need advice and solutions in the development of the area,” he said.

The regent said many investors were ready to put money into developing capital assets on Gianyar’s Badung Strait coastline but a development plan was needed that must include the Sanur-Kusamba bypass corridor and take account of agriculture in the areas immediately behind the beach.

An example of how development and green belt could coexist and enhance economic return was the Denpasar green belt north of Sanur.

Regent Tjok pointed out that over the past five years many violations of provincial environmental rules had occurred in the two-kilometre exclusion zone around Pura Sad Kahyangan. If these rules were enforced, many villas would have to be demolished area, including one owned by former president Megawati Sukarnoputri at Cucukan.

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