Half-Scale Cruise Wharf Costs 200 Ship Visits

Half-Scale Cruise Wharf Costs 200 Ship Visits


Tanah Ampo cruise wharf near Pandang Bai in Karangasem — built only half the length required in a much delayed project organised by the regency government — has forfeited 200 port calls by large cruise ships in 2010 as a result.

The head of Bali’s transportation department, I Made Santha, said: “Sadly the cruise ship dock at Tanah Ampo remains uncompleted.”

The cruise wharf, which was built to overcome the problem of cruise ships having to use tenders to ferry passengers to and from shore which contravenes international safety standards, may now be doubled in length by early 2012.

Santha said a government authority charged with operating the port was also needed, adding that “the management is given to the regency of Karangasem, which will synergise the operation with the port administrator.”

Karangasem’s transport chief, I Made Sosiawan, said the wharf would be completed in late 2011 and be open for use early in 2012. He said a shortfall in funding of Rp70 billion (US$7.8 million) had been covered up by the central government.

Sosiawan said the Rp70 billion had been allocated to double new wharf’s 154 metre-length and build a breakwater.

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