Heed Travel Restrictions When Entering Bali or Risk Being Denied Entry

Heed Travel Restrictions When Entering Bali or Risk Being Denied Entry

Before flying to Bali, there are some travel restrictions you must heed as part of the provincial government’s new normal regulations for tourists.

In 2020, the Balinese government will focus on attracting domestic tourists as plans of allowing foreigners will have to temporarily be postponed.

To make up for this change in strategy, the government has been pushing several campaigns showcasing its beaches, lakes, waterfalls, paddy fields, and nature attractions.

Despite the goal of luring in more tourists from Indonesia, there are travel restrictions in Bali which are enforced.

The new normal regulations are controlled by the Bali Governor Decree Number 15243 Year 2020 concerning Domestic Tourist Requirements when Visiting Bali. Kompas.com has listed the terms for you.

1. Proof of rapid or swab test
To enter the island, all travelers must present proof of a negative PCR test result or a non-reactive rapid test from an authorized institution.

The test results cannot be older than 14 days since the first date of issue and this proof must be shown to the authorities at the airport and ports.

If a traveler’s test result comes back as reactive, then they will be required to undergo a swab PCR test in Bali and self-quarantine at a designated place chosen by the Bali Provincial Government while waiting for that result.

The fees for a swab test, rapid test, quarantine, and medical services are borne by the traveler.

2. Fill in LOVEBALI form
Before you board your plane, be sure to download the LOVEBALI app on Google Play and App Store or visit the official website.

All persons who rent out accommodations on the island are required to ensure that each traveler is registered on the app.

Travelers can also share their complaints or problems during their trip to the island via the app.

3. Activate your GPS
Travel requirements in Bali include activating your Global Positioning System (GPS) throughout your stay on the island destination.

The objective is to ensure travelers’ safety and security at all times.

4. Adhere to health protocols
As part of the new normal regulations on the island, incoming tourists must abide by existing Covid-19 health protocols enforced by the Bali Provincial Government.

Travelers are required to wear a face mask or face shield, regularly disinfect their hands with soap and running water, and carry hand sanitizer.

Source: go.kompas.com

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