Helpline Launched for Bali Children

Helpline Launched for Bali Children


An NGO has launched a helpline for Balinese children having problems with their family life.

The Balinese Children’s Foundation (LABB) launched the service, which will be available 12 hours a day during weekdays, on Monday.
LABB chairwoman Anak Ayu Sri Wahyuni said that children could discuss any issues with the people manning the helpline.

“We will also receive phone calls from parents who are having trouble with their children. We will give them advice about how to get on top of those difficulties,” she said.

Wahyuni said that as funding was limited the service would not initially be available 24 hours a day. It would run from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, she said, and would be staffed by volunteers.

“At the moment we are limited to four volunteers, who are students of psychiatry,” she said.

The helpline is available on two local numbers — 249488 and 8851201 — and Wahyuni said that LABB was currently discussing with local authorities the possibility of making the numbers toll-free.

“Although the service isn’t yet toll-free, we are able to refer serious problems to hospital professionals without a referral fee,” she said.

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