Here are the 5 World’s Most Beautiful Cities, Ubud Bali Included

Here are the 5 World’s Most Beautiful Cities, Ubud Bali Included

Ubud, Bali. (Photo:

Every city has their own distinct beauty, each are different from the others, but have you ever wondered which are best to visit? To find out, Travel and Leisure has created a poll for its readers to choose most beautiful cities to visit. The poll started from January 11 and ended until May 10, 2021.

Here are the following of “Best Cities” according to Travel and Leisure:

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
A small city located in the east of Guanajuato, it’s known for its Spanish Colony designs and colourful buildings. A total of 1.3 million people from around the world visit this city annually.

Udaipur, India
Udaipiur is one of the most known cities in India for its lakes, castles, temple and palace. Located in Rajasthan state, this city brims with lots of beautiful parks and gardens and has been a recurrent place for movie shoots such as ‘James Bond – Octopussy’ (1983). It also holds an annual festival and its people colour their home around that time.

Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul is known for being the only city located in two continents, which is Asia and Europe and the centre for arts in Europe.

Ubud, Indonesia
A city famous for its nature, Ubud also preserves their culture and is known to be a friendly city for its friendly residents.

Kyoto, Japan
As one of the most culturally preserved cities in Japan, Kyoto has 2,000 temples of both Buddhist and Shinto along with castles, gardens and others. Among those most famous temples are Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji and Ryoan-ji.


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