Hidden Camera Scandal Within Bali’s Nightlife

Hidden Camera Scandal Within Bali’s Nightlife

Two popular nightlife venues in Bali have become embroiled in a hidden camera scandal, as reported by Australian media outlets.

The hidden camera stunt has affected hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tourists, including many Australians, who unknowingly experienced privacy violations.

According to a report by Herald Sun on Thursday, 21st December 2023, sexual predators are targeting tourist attractions by using hidden cameras to covertly record male visitors in toilets.

Furthermore, news.com.au has conducted its investigation, revealing that thousands of explicit images and videos were distributed via the encrypted messaging service Telegram, with many customers paying hundreds of dollars for access.

Among the numerous victims covertly recorded were two professional football players, both of whom recently holidayed in Bali at the end of their season, and were graphically captured while urinating.

One video subscriber promotes 11 different personal channels, collectively containing more than 8,300 images and videos. Several posts about ‘special’ content involving footballers were made, even suggesting more high-profile victims have been recorded.

Source: indonesiaexpat.id

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