Holiday Hot Spot is Placed Into ‘Alert Status’ as The Popular Gili Islands are Closed Off to Tourists

Holiday Hot Spot is Placed Into ‘Alert Status’ as The Popular Gili Islands are Closed Off to Tourists

Bali has been placed into coronavirus ‘alert status’ and the Gili Islands have been closed to tourists for two weeks in an attempt to stop the spread of the illness.

Schools in Bali have been closed with locals advised to stay home, minimise travel and not to attend mass gatherings for two weeks due to the alert status being declared on Monday.

There were no cases of coronavirus on the Gili Islands, but the Indonesian government has restricted access to prevent the virus from reaching the idyllic destination.

Normally more than 3,000 tourists visit the Gili Islands daily, and those already on the island will be allowed to stay for the duration of their booking.

However many have left early to avoid getting the risk of getting stuck on the island.

‘The hotel arranged everything for me because I heard they cancelled all the fast boats for safety reasons for fourteen days so this is why I go a day early,’ Belgium backpacker Debbie told 9News.

Locals are able to remain on the island, where a mass disinfection was being planned.

Bali’s only confirmed case of coronavirus was British woman Kimberley Finlayson, who had passed away.

However, only 73 people have been tested for the disease in Bali and just 1,138 across Indonesia, leading authorities to believe there may be many more unconfirmed cases.

All test samples taken in Bali must be sent to Jakarta to be examined with screening equipment.

Governor of Bali Wayan Koster said he has been asking the Indonesian government to give them equipment to check test results but was yet to receive anything.

Mr Koster had restricted entertainment and events on the island to reduce any further spreading of the disease.

Anyone traveling into Indonesia from a country that has evidence of local transmission of coronavirus must self-isolate for 14 days on arrival.

From ‘alert status’ Bali can upgrade to ’emergency’ which will close Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Australians were urged to reconsider all international travel regardless of the destination unless it is essential.


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