Hotel Site Sealed Over Permit Violations

Hotel Site Sealed Over Permit Violations


Denpasar city authorities have sealed off the Harrad Hotel building site in Sanur — it is next to the Blue Eyes karaoke venue where three strippers and a venue manager were arrested earlier this month over a naked dancing performance — and several other premises for not having required permits.

They said the Harrad property did not have a valid building permit and may have exceeded the building limit of 30 percent of land.

Ketut Nick Nata Wibawa of Denpasar’s licensing office said: “For now, we will stop the construction of the hotel because all the permits and other requirements are completely unaddressed. If they rebel, we will be required to forcibly demolish the building with bulldozers.”

Zoning official A.A. Bagus Airawata said the city council had sent three warning letters to the hotel about its lack of a building permit before sealing the construction site. “The owners have shown bad faith and continue to refuse our summons,” he said.

City authorities also sealed and closed a new Alfa minimarket in Jl Tukad Yeh Aya and a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Jl Gatot Subroto.

The minimarket was closed because although it had building permits it did not possess business location, business registration or business permits. The Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet was shut for operating without a building permit.

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  1. Maria says:

    Let’s hope they will not get their way after all by making ‘donations’ to the authorities concerned…