Hotels in Buleleng Delinquent Tax

Hotels in Buleleng Delinquent Tax


A number of hotels in Buleleng, Bali, delinquent taxes worth millions rupiah, triggering a sense of apprehensive from the local Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI).

PHRI concerned about the members of the organization that have tax overdue.

“We’ve been communicating with some hotel managers in order to meet its obligations,” said Chairman of the Board PHRI Buleleng Branch Dewa Ketut Suardipa in Singaraja.

The management of tourism accommodation requested to immediately fulfill its obligations is Waka Shorea Resort Hotel. Suardipa reminded that the hotel management not to hide behind the Forestry Minister decree on Forest Management in West Bali National Park.

“The hotel has been operating in Buleleng should pay tax to Buleleng. The Minister of Forestry decree that gave permission for it to manage the TNBB region, it does not mean that it should not pay taxes to Buleleng,” said Ketut Suardipa.

PHRI Buleleng also discussed tax issues that many are complained by its members. Therefore, he asked the members of PHRI Buleleng to be open on tax payments.

Hotel Waka Shorea Resort was reprimanded by the local Satpol PP. However, the hotel management argued that the tax has been paid to the central government.

Even Ali Sadikin, the attorney of Waka Shorea Resort Hotel said that the hotel gets the exclusive management rights on TNBB covering 251.5 hectares in the area of Buleleng and Jembrana Regency based on the Minister of Forestry Decree Number 184/Kpts-II/1998 concerning on Natural Tourism Management.

Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana threatened to close the hotel if they still not willing to fulfill their obligations.

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