Indian Naval Fleet Visits Bali

Indian Naval Fleet Visits Bali

BENOA HARBOR ~ Three Indian warships docked in Bali this week, as Indonesia and India held discussions on naval cooperation, officials said.

The Indian navy was returning a call the Indonesian Navy had made when they sent a warship on a friendly visit to India last year, the spokesman added.

The commander of Bali’s navy, Colonel Teguh Widodo, said that the three Indian battleships were of different size, type and function. One is type INS-Tir, body number A-86, designed for Indian naval training, he said.

The colonel described the second battleship as being 105.85 meters in length, 13.30 meters in width and weighing 2,300 tons, complete with two 60-caliber, AA-40mm-type cannons.

The last warship, the commander said, was an ICGS-Varuna battle cruiser.

“There were 750 Indian naval officers, including 200 enlisted men. They are staying in Bali for five days, enjoying friendly discussions and recreation,” said Widodo.

Widodo added that the commander of the Indian Navy, Fleet Admiral Sunil K. Damle, planned to visit the office of the governor of Bali in Renon, Denpasar, and the office of Bali’s military commander, Major General George Situmeang, in Denpasar.

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