Indonesia, China to Discuss Extradition Treaty

Indonesia, China to Discuss Extradition Treaty

JAKARTA ~ Indonesia and China are set to start talks on an extradition treaty between the two nations, an official said.

“Indonesia and China will begin exchanging information on both countries’ regulations … and will start initial discussions at the end of June,” a Foreign Ministry official told reporters on Tuesday.

“Only after this process can we start coining the substance (of the treaty),” said Arief Harfas Oegroseno, Indonesia’s negotiator on the talks.

Indonesian business executives and officials are suspected of corruptly transferring millions of dollars to mainland China in recent years.

The government is stepping up its fight against graft, which has plagued the nation, and last month signed an extradition treaty with Singapore, where executives have also allegedly hidden millions in state funds.

Oegroseno said he thought the China treaty would be similar to the one with Singapore.

“Maybe there will be one different aspect in the treaty with China, which is the option to extradite or prosecute (in China),” said Oegroseno, director of international and security treaties at the ministry.

“We have to discuss with them what the details are of the prosecution option,” he said.

He added that preparations were underway for similar talks on extradition treaties with the United States and Canada.

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