Indonesia Introduces Online Residence Permit Extension for Foreign Visitors

Indonesia Introduces Online Residence Permit Extension for Foreign Visitors

Foreign nationals visiting Indonesia can now apply for an extension of residence permits online.

Silmy Karim, the Director-General of Immigration, explained that this new service is intended for foreigners holding visit visas while they are in Indonesia.

Karim mentioned that Immigration aims to simplify the residence permit extension service, which previously required a visit to the office but can now be completed online. The extension of the residence permit is carried out through the website

“Immigration continues to enhance its services through digitalisation strategies. This new service was created to facilitate and expedite the process of extending a residence permit, which previously required a visit to the immigration office. Now, it can be done online, and there is no longer a need for identification on the passport because it is sent directly to the applicant’s email. Therefore, starting from the process of applying for a visa and extending a residence permit can be done online, simply via the website provided by the Directorate General of Immigration,” said Karim on Sunday, 31 December 2023.

Several types of visas can currently be extended online, including visas for tourist visits (index C1), medical treatment (index C3), government affairs (index C4), short courses (index C9), and business visits (index C11).

Meanwhile, extended stay permits for the mentioned visa types can be processed via

  • Extend Tourism Stay Permit (index C1A1)
  • Extend Medical Treatment Stay Permit (index C3A2)
  • Extend Government Business Stay Permit (index C4A3)
  • Extend Short Course Stay Permit (index C9A3)
  • Extend Exhibitor Stay Permit (index C11A4)

Karim stated that this new feature had been tested and would be implemented starting 31st December 2023, marking the turn of the year. He mentioned that with, foreigners can live more comfortably in Indonesia through a seamless experience in processing visas and residence permits.

“The ongoing development of an online immigration service system by Immigration is our commitment to digitalisation. Our team continues to conduct studies, observations, and evaluations of developments in community needs to provide the best service,” said Karim.


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