Indonesian President approves unconditional release of Abu Bakar Ba`asyir: lawyer

Indonesian President approves unconditional release of Abu Bakar Ba`asyir: lawyer

Jakarta – Indonesian President Joko Widodo has approved the unconditional release of Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba`asyir from Gunung Sindur Prison in Bogor, West Java Province, for humanitarian reasons, a senior lawyer stated.

“Mr Jokowi (incumbent president) has agreed to set him free for the sake of humanity by considering his age and illness,” Yusril Ihza Mahendra, the lawyer of the Widodo-Ma`ruf Amin pair, remarked here on Saturday, Jan 19.

President Widodo, commonly known as Jokowi, was quoted by Mahendra as saying that he did not have the heart to see this 81-year-old ulema remain imprisoned for that long.

Jokowis approval for Baasyir`s unconditional release was announced by Mahendra, also general chairman of the Muslim-based Crescent and Star Party, on Saturday, or two days after the convening of the first round of presidential debate.

The first round of official debates of the two pairs of Indonesian presidential and vice presidential candidates was held on Thursday, Jan 17, with law, human rights, corruption, and terrorism-related issues featuring on the debate`s agenda.

Born in Jombang, East Java Province, on August 17, 1938, Baasyir is known as the former leader of the Indonesian Mujahidin Council and one of the founders of the Al Mumin Islamic Boarding School in Ngruki, Sukoharjo, Central Java Province.

Baasyir, who will have been released from the prison next week, was awarded a 15-year prison term by the South Jakarta District Courts panel of judges in 2011 for funding a military training camp for terrorists in Aceh. (ANT)


  1. EdMahn says:

    Dear Editor , It is always sad to see people locked away for transgressions of the Law whether they are young or old. The fact this person assisted in funding a Terrorist cell is very disturbing. To think innocent people could have been targeted is sickening. Has this person shown remorse for his actions? Has he seen the folly of his ways? Anyone claiming violent actions in the name of God is very sick in the head. God creates ,nurtures and loves. God does not support human devised harm. God as creator can also destroy but only He has that Authority. If anyone is released from Jail with their current mind set then only this existing thinking will be released back into the community to influence others. Is this even OK?? Hate and Evil equates to one outcome.

  2. President widodo claims his heart is not capable of seeing this man suffer a long jail term. Yet his heart has no problem with keeping a mother from the Philippines away from her children on death row. These are not the thoughts of an honest man with a soft heart.

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