Infiltration by Bali land mafia of Jokowi Justice leads to Decline in Investor Confidence

Infiltration by Bali land mafia of Jokowi Justice leads to Decline in Investor Confidence

President Jokowi’s initiative to attract more foreign investment to the tourist sector is  suffering a major set back as a second multi-billion Rupiah fraud cases continue to appear in Bali as a result of former Governor I Ketut Sudikerta’s Bali land mafia.
The first case involved  Indonesian Billionaire and Maspion boss  Alim Markus, as victim of  150 Billion Rupiah fraud and embezzlement by Sudikerta’s syndicate. Markus who is listed by Forbes as #34 richest in Indonesia,  is a seasoned investor who police say was defrauded by former. Currently incarcerated by the Police Director General, Vice Governor I Ketut Sudikerta and Anak Agung Ngurah Agung are awaiting trial on fraud, embezzlement and money laundering charges.

I Ketut Sudikerata & Alim Markus


The second victim is a foreign investor Hanno Soth. Soth through Pt Dreamland Bali has  also filed criminal charges against Sudikerta’ co-conspirators while Sudikerta and Anak Agung. Also implicated in both cases is I Wayan Tana,  Sudikerata brother in law and former Pt Dreamland Bali director.  Pt Dreamland Bali has filed charges at Police Headquarters in Jakarta alleging  that Sudikerta and Anak Agung Ngurah Agung illegally sold the company’s resort to Chinese investors with the help of  former company director, I Wayan Tana as the inside man.
Lawyers for Pt Dreamland Bali are complaining to the media, that the Sudikerta land mafia is currently using the  80 Billion Rupiah lawyers from the illegal sale of their assets, to infiltrate the justice system of Indonesia.
Nervous domestic and foreign investors are reacting to the tsunami of news the powerful  land mafia’s  infiltration of the judicial system. No ones assets are safe in Bali, when the mafia control can control justice system say lawyers for the company.
Investors are a circulating a  petitioning to President of Indonesia Joko Widodo to replace key position of  Judiciary connected to the money trail of former Vice Govenor I Ketut Sudikerta’s land syndicate.

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