Jakarta-Denpasar is the Fifth Bussiest Route in the World

Jakarta-Denpasar is the Fifth Bussiest Route in the World


The flight route of Jakarta-Surabaya-Denpasar is the fifth bussiest route in the world. Based on data published by Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), the flight routes of Jakarta-Surabaya-Denpasar grow to 12 percent per year.

The Operational and Technical Director of PT Angkasa Pura (AP) I, Harjoso Tjatur Prijanto stated that since the traffic problem in the air is an international issue, its safety issue is a public concern. “That’s why ATFM wants to discuss that issue,” Harjoso said during break of the ATFM meeting at Kuta.

The ATFM meeting will take place in three days and is attended by 110 participants. Besides AP I that hosts the event, AP II and representatives of the airport management from several countries also attend it.

Harjoso said that the growth of flight traffic of Jakarta- Denpasar get international concern. In relation to the issue, Australia offers to help Indonesia in arranging good time slot or take off and landing schedule.

Ngurah Rai Airport that becomes one prominent airport in Indonesia now is in ongoing development. The international terminal will be developed into 130 meter square width, whereas the domestic terminal will be 65 meter square width. With this extention, it is expected that the passengers capacity could improve to 13,5 millions people per year.

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