Japanese Tourist Sentenced for Five Months Imprisonment

Japanese Tourist Sentenced for Five Months Imprisonment


The 35-year-old Watanabe Shinichi was sentenced to five months in jail for possessing 0.72 grams of marijuana while vacationing in Bali.

The Japanese tourist was proven guilty of possessing and consuming category 1 narcotics for his own use, said presiding judge Cening Budiana as he read out the verdict in the Denpasar District Court.

Previously, prosecutor Agung Satya Markandea had demanded nine years in jail for the defendant.

The Japanese man was charged with violating Law No 35/2009, articles 127 and 111, which provide for a maximum punishment of four to 12 years imprisonment.

“The defendant showed remorse and good behavior during the trial,” said the judge, explaining his light sentence.

Shinichi was arrested during a raid conducted by agents of the National Narcotics Agency’s (BNN) Bali and offices Badung in several entertainment centers in the regency.

Shinichi was arrested while spending his leisure time with friends at Bosche entertainment center in Kuta. He was caught carrying marijuana, which he said was for his personal consumption.

The Japanese man has been in a detention since Dec. 26.

“This means that Shinichi will be free on May 26,” his lawyers Suroso and Raymond Simamora said, saying that they were pleased with the verdict.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor said he would consider and study the verdict.

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