Javanese ‘Swindlers’ Extradited to Bali

Javanese ‘Swindlers’ Extradited to Bali

DENPASAR ~ Two thieves who claimed they could double their victims’ bank balances were arrested on March 6 and have been extradited from Java to Bali, police said.

Head of West Denpasar Police IB Mantra said Fauzi, 50, and Haji Wahid Hasyim, 54 were arrested at their respective houses in Situbondo and Probolinggo, Java, after reports from victims in Bali.

Mantra said victims claimed they were told if they wrote down their bank account details and put them in an envelope the suspects would be able to increase their bank balances.

However, after their arrests, the suspects admitted they swapped the envelopes when their victims were not looking, and then telling them they could throw it into the sea, kept the envelope containing the bank details.

Mantra said when victim Muhamad Iklas found money was missing from his bank account, he immediately reported to the police and was able to give them Hasyim’s phone number.

He said when an officer called the number, he claimed to be a businessman wanting to make more money, and set up a meeting with Haji Hasyim in Situbondo, where he was arrested.

He said Fauzi was arrested later the same day, at his home.

“The suspects claimed they were sorry for their crime and had never done anything like it before,” Mantra said.

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