Judge Sacked for Polygamy

Judge Sacked for Polygamy


A Religious Court judge in South Sulawesi has been sacked for having three wives.

Chairman of the MKH (religious court) Imron Anwari said M Nasir Qamarullah had violated the ethics code.

“His proven conduct was reprehensible and did not show respect to his office,” Anwari said in Jakarta yesterday.

Nasir has three wives, one of whom he divorced in 1999 but later reconciled with.

He was also dismissed over allegations that he corruptly received Rp61 million (US$6,800) from Muslim students at the University of Indonesia (UMI) and used the seal of the university for private purposes.

Nasir, who was appointed a judge 1999, said he accepted the decision, “but I married because my religion allows it.”

He said he might now seek retirement and a civil service pension since he had only been dismissed as judge, not as a public employee.

Muslim men are allowed up to three wives under specific conditions set out in the Koran, but civil servants and military and police personnel are restricted to one wife under a 1990 regulation.

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  1. Shara says:

    A Canadian judge is about to be imprisoned for declaring that a married woman can also have another spouse with marital rights and obligations at the same time in his courtroom. Polygamy in Canada is illegal. One would have thought the judge would know that. In Canada, those who provide consent or authorize polygamy are as guilty of polygamy as those who are party as individuals to polygamy.

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