Kerobokan Bali Penitentiary Agree On Corby’s Conditional Release

Kerobokan Bali Penitentiary Agree On Corby’s Conditional Release


Bali Penitentiary gave its agreement to Schapelle Leigh Corby, the convict of narcotics case to get conditional release. This agreement is the content of recommendation of TPP (penitentiary judge team) session as a requirement for the owner of 4.2 kilograms marijuana to get conditional release.

“The recommendation of TPP session mentions that it agrees to be proposed conditional release to Corby,” said the Head of Kerobokan penitentiary Gusti Ngurah Wiratna when contacted in Bali on Tuesday (10/9).

According to Wiratna, one of considerations giving recommendation for Corby is that her behavior has changed significantly toward positive direction. Corby, said Wiratna.

“She has followed all activities in the penitentiary. Before, when she was called for getting any remission she didn’t want to attend,” he said.

“There are two more requirements that aren’t fulfilled yet by Corby,” Wiratna said.

The Two requirements that are not fulfilled yet are two important documents related to a letter from Directorate General of immigration or appointed administration stating that Corby is released from living permit responsibility.

One other document related to a letter stating that she isn’t on the red notice list and trans-nations crime network organization from Secretary of Indonesia NBC Interpol.

“Those important two out of fourteen required documents must be fulfilled so that she gets conditional release,” emphasized Wiratna.

While for the letter from Secretariat of Indonesia NBC Interpol stating that Corby is not on the red notice list and organized trans-nations crime networking has been proposed. “It has been proposed and now we just wait,” he added.

Previously, the President of Indonesia gave clemency to Schapelle Leigh Corby, and Peter Achim Franz Groobman. The clemency stated on the President Decision (Keppres) Number 22/G of 2012 and Number 23/G of 2012 issued on 15 May 2012.

Corby was proven guilty on the possession of 4.2 kilograms marijuana and sentenced by 20 years of prison by the Denpasar District Court, Bali on May 25, 2005. On the clemency, the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gave punishment leniency to Corby for five years.

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