KPK Alienated Djoko Susilo’s Rice Field in Tabanan

KPK Alienated Djoko Susilo’s Rice Field in Tabanan


The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) alienated rice field of 85 acres in the Sudimara village, Tabanan regency, Bali, which suspected belongs to the former Head of Traffic Police Mabes Polri Inspector General Djoko Susilo who is the accused on driving simulator procurement corruption.

The rice field is located between the rows of luxury villas around Yeh Ganga beach which has been a favorite place for elite tourists who enjoy horse riding has been fitted with a sign saying Seizure Warrant Numbered Sprin.sita-01/01/01/2013 dated January 31, 2013.

The information gathered, the elite rice field is cultivated by I Nengah Luya, a local man, since four years ago.

“Initially it was owned by local people. Yet four years ago it was purchased by an official from Jakarta, but we do not know his name,” said a Sudimara village official who is not willing to be named.

The man claimed that he knew the KPK officials has put the signboard. But he did not know who own the land exactly.

KPK suspected that the rice field at Yeh Beach was purchased by Djoko Susilo using the money he gained from corruption.

Beside the rice field, KPK also seized a unit of luxury house in the Harvest Land complex located at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Kuta, which is also suspected belongs to Djoko Susilo.

“I’m not sure exactly when the house was sealed by KPK,” said a security of  Harvest Land Housing who is not willing to put his name.

He estimated that the two-story house located in an elite residential complex was sealed by KPK last weekend. At the main door of the house located in block A number 17 there is a signboard that read, “The land and buildings have been seized in a money laundering case with the accused Djoko Susilo”.

The modern style house covering two acres area was looked quiet and no one occupant. From the outside, we could see white curtains slightly opened.

According to the security of Harvest Land Housing, the white house has been empty for a long time.

Besides senteced by Law on Corruption Eradication, Djoko Susilo, who has a number of valuable assets that are vested in his wives and other people name, was also sentenced under the Act on Money Laundering.

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  1. am says:

    … watch this and take Action please!

    Polisi Korupsi di Bali (setiap hari banyak kali):

    What a country is that? Korupsi Korupsi Korupsi ….! Do they not have any regligion in Indonesia or why they steal Money every day? All the police men do the same, like you see on the video they ALWAYS take the money in the private wallet. ALWAYS!!!

    I paid here already 10 or 12 times, i NEVER got a receipt (tidak ada kwitansi). Never!

    They are hunting bule. As soon as they see a bule, they stop him and let him pay for any stupid reason. Also if no misstake and all documents are OK, they ask for money (if not you must follow him to the police station).

    What a contry is Indonesia? What a damned shit is going on here???

    Every year ~ 4.000.000 tourists are coming to Bali, and the Police officers do everything to destroy the immage of the Country Indonesia.

    At the airport the same, 200 people waiting for the visa, if you pay 150.000 you can go to an other counter where you get the visa without waiting. Then you see how the staff of imigrasi share the money unter the table. Incredible!!!

    Indonesia is such a nice and beautiful country, but this damned corrupt assholes destroy the immage. Cheating and corruption everywhere!

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