Kura Kura Bali Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is Now Ready to Operate

Kura Kura Bali Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is Now Ready to Operate

Kura Kura Bali Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which was inaugurated through Government Regulation No. 23 of 2023, is now ready to operate.

The readiness to operate aims to ensure that the Kura Kura Bali SEZ is ready for potential investment. The criteria that constitute such operational readiness include the readiness of facilities and infrastructure, the readiness of human resources, and the readiness of administrative control equipment.

The majority of the basic infrastructure has been prepared, starting from roads, electricity, installation of clean water networks, wastewater systems, drainage, gates, and area boundaries to telecommunications networks.

To boot, Kura Kura Bali SEZ has made available waste area facilities, fire extinguishers, and security facilities. Furthermore, the Administrator’s Office and Management Office have been completed and placed at the SEZ entrance.

“Based on the report submitted by PT. Bali Turtle Island Development (BTID) as the business entity that develops and manages the Kura Kura Bali SEZ, the Secretariat General of the SEZ National Council has verified the operational readiness of the area with the conclusion that, in general, the area is ready to operate because the infrastructure and facilities are already available,” Rizal Edwin Manangsang, Acting Secretary General of the KEK National Council, told the press during the Kura Kura Bali SEZ Operational Readiness Evaluation Meeting, which was held at the UID Bali Campus Building on the 27th of March, 2024.

In addition, within the Kura Kura Bali SEZ, several projects will be built, such as Grand Outlet Bali and ACS Bali. The latter, a school, will begin fully operating the following year, though the trial class will be held in August 2024 with only three classes.

“Regarding the readiness to operate Kura Kura Bali SEZ, several projects that we will build in the near future are Grand Outlet Bali which is a joint venture with Mitsubishi, as well as ACS Bali which covers education from pre-school to high school,” Tuti Hadiputranto, the Director of PT Bali Turtle Island Development, added.

Of the 498 hectares of land available, 491.9 hectares of land belong to BTID. Sixty percent of the land is ready to be built, with 9.74 percent of it being used for infrastructure and development by business actors. The construction of regional roads is prioritised for pedestrians and cyclists, which currently has 58 percent built along eight kilometres of the overall planned main road network of 13.6 kilometres.

The electricity network has also covered 60 percent of the area, complemented by a telecommunications network using fibre optic that spans eight kilometres long. The latter network is set to cover the north side of the island.

The Kura Kura Bali Special Economic Zone is a development initiative that aims to encourage economic growth in Bali, Indonesia. It focuses on developing the tourism sector, especially in the northern area of Bali Island. This is designed to attract investment from both within and outside the country. To support the operationalisation and development of SEZs on the island of Bali, President Joko Widodo has previously issued Presidential Decree Number 6 of 2023 concerning the Bali Province SEZ Regional Council.

Source: indonesiaexpat.id

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