Kuta Youths Ask Govt of Bali Province to Repair Environment Quality

Kuta Youths Ask Govt of Bali Province to Repair Environment Quality


Youths of Kuta customary village asked the government of Bali Province to change the situation of the tourist destination so the environment quality, security and discipline will be better.

“We want the firmness of government to change the area of Kuta based on some claims that have been delivered previously,” said I Gede Ary Astina as the leader of Kuta youth representative when have dialogue with Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika.

According to him, the first man in Bali government support all the positive ideas to change the situation and image of Kuta, which has seen to be more “cheap” as there is no tourist filter.

“The governor had sent letter and promised us to be met with Badung Regent and Kapolda Bali,” he said.

The key of the action is the harmony of manner between Badung Regent and Kapolda Bali with the Governor. The harmony could create situation and environment management around Kuta Beach.

The claim delivered by Kuta youth are empowerment of bussiness owned by local people, fix the mindset of police, effective discipline, filter of tourists, limit the vehichles and arrange the building.

“They are ‘new stream’, I am glad that there are people supporting change that I’ve done while being a Governor, although many people aren’t happy with the action for changing the situation in Bali,” said Pastika while having a dialogue.

He said that he agree on the action done by Kuta youth to change their area in order to be better and of course support it by communicating any problem with the regional leader and related parties.

“I hope that you can communicate this problem with the eldest figures in Kuta so the change can be done. If the customary village is solid to maintain various regulation supporting the action, I believe no one will be brave enough to violate it,” he said.

On that occasion, Pastika put message that the area in Legian becomes a pedistrian area so the four-wheels vehicles can’t enter every day.

“Each country in the world has that kind of area, so I thought Legian is appropriate only used by pedistrian,” he said.


  1. Chris Cottington says:

    I had the same idea years ago, If the area was accessible to electric vehicles and bicycles only it would drastically change the area for the better.

  2. G2 says:

    I have just visited Hoi an in Vietnam and what a breath of fresh air. Clearing the congestion of cars and motor bikes from the central area makes it a pleasure to walk around. I remember the Kuta area when it was just push bikes with a few motor scooters, now it’s just not worth going there. Any move to reduce the amount of traffic is a good one. Southern Bali is being destroyed by this and over development. Give these young people an opportunity to regain there own. Somewhere there must be older people who share this same vision.