Land Mafia Syndicate headed by I Ketut Sudikerta, is suspected of receiving a flow of funds of Rp 80 billion while incarcerated in prison

Land Mafia Syndicate headed by I Ketut Sudikerta, is suspected of receiving a flow of funds of Rp 80 billion while incarcerated in prison

Land Mafia

Former Deputy Governor of Bali, I Ketut Sudikerta has been detained by the Bali Police Director General since the beginning of April 2019 for embezzlement, money laundering and fraud cases involving Maspion boss Alim Markus.

Sudikerta was allegedly intriguing with Ngurah Agung’s Great Son, I Wayan Tana who is Sudikerta’s brother-in-law.

Now another victim, PT. Dream Land has reported to the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters that involved the same syndicate, PT. Dreamland Bali claims that the Company has been deceived by land mafia syndicates, thus experiencing a potential loss of around $ 300 Billion or USD 21 Million on resorts in Uluwatu Bali.

I Ketut Sudikerta alleged  Leader of Land Mafia    (photo

On January 22, 2019, PT. Dreamland Bali was surprised when the Denpasar District Court, assisted by the police, executed the Court’s Decision which did not involve PT. Dreamland Bali as the parties to the lawsuit on which the execution was based, PT Dreamland Bali has since filed a number of objections and recently learned that in early January, the Sudikerta land syndicate secretly and illegally sold PT Dreamland’s assets worth USD 21 Million (Rp. 300 Billion) to Chinese investors through a company called Pt Manor for Rp. 80 Billion (USD 5.8 Million dollars).

Likewise in the Maspion case, there was a question of how the syndicate of former Deputy Governor I Ketut Sudikerata had a land certificate that should have been owned by PT Dreamland Bali.

paid IDR 80 Billion after secretly selling the resort of PT. Dreamland to Hedar Giacomo Boy Syam, who represents Chinese investors. It involves a lot of money that can be played by this well connected land mafia  to influence  the independence of law enforcement officers in Indonesia.

This event is very troubling for any foreign investor to Indonesia knowing that their assets can be taken without a  transparent legal process. This situation derail the ambitions of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo to promote foreign investment through the tourism sector in Indonesia.

The incident began when PT. Dreamland Bali and Hanno Soth, a well-known German / Canadian investor and developer, employ I Wayan Tana (Ketut Sudikerta’s brother-in-law) as director of various companies including PT. Dreamland Bali.

The evidence now shows that I Wayan Tana used his position as director of PT. Dreamland Bali and while representing Hanno Soth in person, to secretly make plans to deceive PT. Dreamland Bali and other company assets. To achieve this, Wayan Tana conspired with Anak Agung Ngurah Agung and , I Ketut sudikerata who then sold Pt Dreamland assets to PT. Manor Tirta Puncak.

They accomplished this by involving Notaries and Sudikerta’s lawyer in the Maspion case I Ketut Darmada.  In  both cases thee are proven  financial benefits coming to the co-conspirtors.

I Wayan Tana Land Mafia co-conspirator brother-in-law of I Ketut Sudikerta   (photo Malini Agro)

PT. Dreamland Bali has asked the Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters and the Corruption Eradication Commission to investigate this case and track where the Sudikerta syndicate has spent Rp. 80 Billion in the last 6 months. The company says it has heard rumors about where the money trail would lead.

After investigating and this fraud documented by the authorities we hope that the court will discard the case and return the assets to PT. Dreamland Bali and punish these conspirators and ultimately stop this from happening to other foreign investors.


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